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M4D is changing the face of co-op pre-approved dealer marketing. Everything you need to build your brand, promote your brand, and highlight the products and services you offer – we’re ready when you are.

Recent News

  • New Dealer Store

    100% co-op approved, direct deduct marketing campaigns highlighting your brand. Request a free log-in and see how easy the Dealer Store will work for you. 

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    Apr 29, 2013

  • M4D Filter

    The M4D Filter is a simple solution to a difficult problem. Manage prospects, customers, call notes and sales in an intuitive, web-based dashboard display.

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    Apr 26, 2013

  • Motorola Recovery - M4D Eco Solutions

    Share your Dealer Specific, Trade-In participation and landfill reduction savings efforts with end users and differentiate your company from Motorola competitors.

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    Apr 26, 2013

  • New Websites

    DFW Comm Web.  

    Pretty snazzy, eh? Unique too - just like YOUR company is. Build your brand and build your business, and do it consistently across all platforms of your marketing.

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    Apr 26, 2013


Want 24/7/365 access from anywhere to all of the co-op pre-approved marketing collateral inside your Dealer Store? M4D makes it easy. You have to be eligible for co-op and have accrued co-op for us to invoice via direct deduct. If you’re not currently eligible for co-op we can still work together we just bill you directly.

Don’t have a login? Then please register as a “new user’ after clicking either link below. There are no creative or usage fees to use The Dealer Store and the products inside. Just register and email your logo.

M4D Brand Management

M4D means Marketing 4 Dealers and we see branding as a story told in words and pictures and graphics. What we do is help you tell your story by offering products and services to elevate your brand awareness in the markets you serve. We provide comprehensive marketing solutions for creative through production, and our model is designed to help you build your brand consistently across all platforms of your marketing.

M4D helps it's Motorola Federal Premier and PCR Channel Partner clients utilize co-op and MDF funds to promote their identity, value proposition and selected Motorola products and services with consistency. 

Click below to let us know what you're looking for and let's talk. If you have questions, please call or email us at your convenience.

M4D Eco Solutions

At M4D, Red is the new Green. One of our goals is to provide turn-key solutions for your recycling and sustainability needs and M4D Eco Solutions makes sustainability simple. Our pre-paid programs include an audit of all incoming materials to document end of life and total landfill savings information.

Whether your program has 10 participants or 1000 participants, M4D manages the entire process - providing data at desired intervals and closing the loop on all program initiatives to ensure program compliance. The M4D system provides participant access to a branded portal via secure login for a contribution overview compared to an average of all program participants. Additionally, participants can view the impact of their contribution based on data from the EPA and then share this information with customers and prospects to differentiate themselves any competitors.

Cool, right?


M4D Spectrum Solutions

Become a System Operator and develop the opportunity to earn recurring revenue.

Sounds great doesn't it? Sure, but it's not easy. The first part of the process is to get the spectrum and build out your infrastructure. The second part is to promote and load your system day in and day out with a consistent sales effort.

We know it's hard work and are here to help. As a member of EWA, M4D can help facilitate FCC licensing as well as spectrum acquisition. Our core competencies of marketing, design and print led to the development of trbonexus -  a "hands-off", turnkey marketing program to promote your offerning to targeted end users. The trbonexus package is part of the Motorola Marketing Accelerator Program and can be utilized by operators nationwide to become part of the trbonexus network.

With different Operators presenting a consistent look and feel for their Motorola Connect Plus System, we believe thinking nationally will grow end user awareness faster and ultimately load systems faster.

MOTOTRBO Connect Advantage Carrier Program:*

  • For eligible Channel Partners in the US and Canada
  • Eligible Carriers accrue rebate credits for purchases
  • Purchase Discounts for Eligible Carriers
  • Subscriber loading incentives paid by Motorola
  • MDF Funding opportunities avaliable
  • Marketing support from M4D
  • Financing opportunities for eligible Carriers

*Talk to your CAM for complete Carrier and Operator Program Guidelines or to address any specific questions.